Social Media Verification

Social Media Verification

Do you offer Instagram and Facebook verifications for artists?

Yes, we do! We offer support for Instagram and Facebook verifications for artists based on META’s requirements.

You need to have All-Inclusive Distribution with RMF. In simpler terms, your music should be distributed via RMF before we can offer you this service.

META is the company that owns Facebook and Instagram.

For Instagram, one of their main requirements is having at least 5000, followers. The Requirements are defined by Facebook & Instagram, not RMF.

Do You Qualify Based On Those Rules?

If you do, we can submit verification requests on your behalf. We just need the following information. Please keep in mind that the requirement for verification is based on several factors, not just follower count. RMF can’t guarantee that your account will be verified.

  • IG/FB Profile Link:

  • Enter the country or region where the person or organization the Page or profile represents is most popular:

  • Describe the people who follow the Page or profile. Include who they are, what they’re interested in and why they follow the Page or profile:

  • List all the names the person or organization the Page or profile represents is known by. Include different names and the same name in other languages:

  • Add up to 5 articles, social media accounts and other links that show the Page or profile is in the public interest. Paid or promotional content won’t be considered:

Make sure to submit the answers to all the items above via Live Chat or email at

And We’ll Be Happy To Help.

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